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About Us

Working in a community pharmacy means you are fully involved with the NHS valuable patient services where patients and members of the public can get their prescribed medication as well as lifestyle advice for better health. Pharmacists offer advice direct to patients on public health issues such as giving up smoking and sexual health and play a part in selecting treatments for patients, prescribing medicines and managing of long-term health conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

Joining to team member

Pharmacy staff play a vital part in patient care and recovery as well as public health, by using their expert knowledge of medicines and their uses. They work with colleagues in the wider health care team such as doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

There are different levels while joining to team member: - Pharmacy Manager
- Pharmacist
- Dispensary Manager
- Pharmacy Technician
- Pharmacy ACT
- Dispensary Assitant
- Pre-reg Student(Pharmacist)
- Medicine Counter Assistant
- Delivery Driver

Training and qualifications

We always offer you relevant training such as Stop Smoking, Medicine counter course, Dispensary Course or even Technician course depending your performances.

Any Vacancies?

We do not have any vacancies at the moment but please keep visit this page for future vacancies. Thank You.